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Sheath dresses, everywhere

I'm taking a break from my planned sewing to sew shift cotton dresses. Yes, you heard me. I took some sewing lessons with Beth from Sunny Gal Studio last time I was in California (already 6 weeks ago !). We spent almost all the time covering tailoring for a coat I'll be making throughout the summer - nope, still haven't started on it, 6 weeks later - but we also looked at sheath dresses, very quickly before we were done..

I left the lessons with an initial muslin, which had a bunch of things altered, and promised I'd transfer everything and try again on my own. Which I did, although it's much harder to perfect fit on your own.

This is the second version of the dress, and fitting wise it's getting closer. The first version hasn't been photographed yet.

The front looks decent, or almost decent.

There's still some gaping in the neckline, I have to take out maybe 6/8" out of it. I also want to move the shoulders in a bit. But otherwise it's fine.


Vogue 1440

It seems I have not posted anything in 2 months! I did a bunch of sewing in the meanwhile, including sewing classes (yay).

I wanted to follow up on the Vogue 1440 blouse, and I think I have plenty of pictures so I might do a 2-part post. I'll do finished pictures here.

First off, a picture from the front. It is fitted through the bust, with a hidden button placket (4 buttons) and a full collar.

The fun part comes in the back:

The V at the racer back looks awesome, but it needs some faffing around with the bra, normal stuff does not work, you need one that crosses, or a strapless, or something to not show the straps. I wear it with a long sleeved body underneath, this is maybe not the best way to do this though. I'm still considering options.

The fabric is an Oscar de la Renta silk twill from Mood. It was all right to work with, and Mood's description of this fabric is accurate - the drape is more like a crepe de chine, which is why it worked for this blouse:

I managed to s…