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Vogue 1440 - muslin / marking

I got Vogue 1440 (a Donna Karan design) for the blouse.

Last weekend I set out to do a muslin. You may remember I had some questions about the lack of an FBA on my previous project - I figured it out in the meanwhile.

Vogue must have updated the pages that handle sizing on their website recently, since now they are a lot more detailed. In particular, the How to Choose Pattern Size page now specifically says always choose blouse patterns based on high bust, and adjust pattern as necessary, unless you are a B-cup or below. B-cup, by their standards, happens when the delta between high bust and bust is less than 2inches.

For me, either choice will do - but in practice choosing based on high bust seems like a better overall fit for me so far.

This particular blouse is semi-fitted through bust, giving you 4 to 5 inches of ease (5 in this case). Based on the picture above, I think this just about works without an FBA - the grain line is not perfectly straight, however when I cut it up, all …

Rebecca Taylor in flowery crepe

I'm starting to be at a loss about what to call these posts you know... after hinting at this shirt for the last two posts, here it finally is.

Pretty windy the day we took pictures!

Later edit: oy, I was just looking at these pics and it seems I was wearing the blouse inside out when I took pictures since the shoulder seam is really a French seam? Oh well. S&%t happens.

I am btw massively happy with my new sewing resolution of taking things slowly. I could have rushed to finish this before a work trip last month but instead I decided to wait and do it properly when I was back, which in the end paid off. Of course, the point of failure of all resolutions (all my resolutions at least) is sustained performance, so we will see how I fare at this over the next few months, right?

But back on track, let's talk about the sewing! This is Vogue 1387, a Rebecca Taylor pattern which features two blouses:

This pattern really is a 2-in-1: there are no common pattern pieces between vers…

Sewing plans!

I did a bit of sightseeing last week, and sightseeing is a lot like sewing... much me-time to plan and ponder and think about life, the universe and everything. Brings things into focus, but also allows for more frivolous pursuit, such as thinking about, and planning for, sewing... lots and lots of sewing.

Before any sewing plans... Check out my handmade wardrobe! The trenchcoat has been great, and my latest Belacarra as well.

I was recently traveling for work, and some fabrics made it back to Switzerland. They're mostly from Mood, and most of them are intended for very specific purposes, with some wild cards.

I'll start with summer sewing, where I have three clear projects, at least one of which I hope to tackle in the following month.

First up, I have great plans for this silk-cotton rose embroidered fabric, to make it into another V1357.

Despite not underlining and managing to stretch out the waist for my previous, winter, version, I am very happy with the waist width incre…