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On trend midi skirt

I think I talked about making one of these back in December, and lo and behold I did finish it before the winter was over. Actually I finished it in early February, wore it to an evening work event, it was fairly appropriate attire. I just didn't take pictures until now.

This was the inspiration: this year midi skirts are back, and neutral / camel was a good winter color. The summer trend seems to be soft pastels, so I'm actually making this again in this cotton from Mood for summer.

This is Vogue 1357, now out of print, which I previously made in red lace. I didn't really change much about the pattern, other than increasing the waist a bit, since I was never very happy with the previous version - it was too tight. Now, though, this one feels a bit loose, so I might take in the side seams again for the next version.

This is truly a winter skirt - I don't own one pair of shoes other than boots that work with it, although I guess some smart flat shoes would work. Except …

Left over fabric to flowy blouse

Despite my dismal 1 post / month on average since November, I have been doing some sewing. I guess winter time is just not that sewing-inducing for me at all. I have started to get back into sewing in February, and I'm stash busting.

OK, actually I don't believe in stash busting at all, and have promptly ordered more fabric to offset the loss. I have lovely stuff that came from Mood to my friend's desk in California. More on that in the following months.

Today, I want to show you my second edition of the Belacarra:

This is all silk crepe, left over from my party dress from last year, and I obsessed over what to make with it for a long time until I settled on this pattern. It's Liberty silk crepe, and just as amazing to sew with as last time I used it. I got it at Truro fabrics but they no longer have this pattern - they have others though, this weight is the one called "Liberty crepe" (rather than crepe de chine or something else) . The brown contrast is crep…