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A simple checkered dress

I made this last year! In fact it's this dress I posted about before  because I had to take out a giant bib in order for it to fit me above the waist: These pictures show the giant bib quite well. While that was a bit of a set back, this turned out to be quite a good make. I still have no idea how to transfer that onto a paper pattern. It certainly fits me well (the bib might have had something to do with it). I have enough room in the bust area, meaning it doesn't ride up, and the skirt section looks good too, despite my body being less than model-perfect. Actually looking back to these pictures and knowing what I had to do to get a good fit, I'm pretty convinced that I do need a FBA on most things. I wore it out a day this week, and had Mr T take some photos of it. Apologies for the graininess, as you can see they were taken at night: It's a very simple shift, made from a vintage pattern - I could tell you which pattern if my stuff wasn't s

Hello Totoro!

I actually finished these about 2 weeks ago but have been racking my brains on how best to photograph ever since. Well, no more  - I decided there's no good way to photograph this while wearing them so I'm finally going to post something about them. Drumroll.... here are my Totoro trousers: One leg (the right one) features the big Totoro, the other one features the two small ones. I just used Google Image Search for templates. The big one took about 8 hours to complete. Here's a better shot with completely messed up focus: What I did here was to cut the big outline from jeans, cut the smaller outline from the wrong side, embroider the little Vs, the whiskers and the eye. Then, I attached the smaller outline using  fell stitches, and the bigger outline to the jeans also using fell stitches. Because I wasn't happy with how the Totoro was visible, I then went around the whole thing with embroidery floss - 2 strands cream, one strand blue - using a back stitc