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Not a massive change, but I had some ideas about series to write and wanted to explain them before they magically appear on the blog.

First, the internet has been brewing with wadders lately. I really appreciate these posts, because let's admit it - who doesn't have wadders! But I feel that more interesting would be to know what happened to the good / almost there clothes later. Were they really good? Did you end up wearing them? Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic does this sometimes, most recently here. I think I want to do this too, and the format I'm thinking of is in two acts:

Act 1 - Wearability Report. I'd write this 4 to 6 months after the make, or at the end of the season (of example, most my makes this summer would get one of these) - did it work, did it not work? Did I end up using it? How did it fare among my other stuff?

Act 2 - Whatever happened to... Report.  I'd write this about 1-2 years later. Are they still in the rotation? Did I wear the thing to death?

I think it's important to do this in two acts, especially because I tend to wear the things I really like a lot, so they deserve two updates (instead of just one). We'll see how it works.

Then, I just got a Google Glass from a friend. I got this with the express purpose of doing a series titled Sewing Through Glass (see here for my very first one!). I'm not quire sure how this will go, but I would like to just video the stuff I make step by step. I'm getting ready to sew Vogue 1381 for example, and that will be interesting to see. It's also going to be cool to see just how often you do mess up while making something. Then, if I do take all these little videos along the way, I can add a "making of" video when I write up the make at the end.

Since I want to make many small videos, I'm not sure I'll end up posting them on the main blog feed - I might just add a new RSS feed for the videos and make a weekly round up or something. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Thirdly, what I was considering for a while, but haven't given it much thought in a few weeks, was to do weekly or bi-weekly What I'm wearing posts. This would be more interesting to me than to any of you, but someone told me on a recent work offsite that I wear things I make quite a lot and I really liked hearing that! Then I wondered if it was really true. Now, actually doing this requires me taking a picture each morning before I go to work, which doesn't always happen, but I am considering setting up my camera in a semi-permanent position and programming one of the remotes to do auto-picture taking. It will also be an interesting effort in finding out wether tshirt + jeans really is the tech uniform! Actually maybe I should just call the series Tech Uniform :D

I'm leaving you with a picture of my current project - a winter version of Vogue 1247:

What do you think about my plans? Good? Bad? Let me know!


  1. Sounds intriguing :-) looking forward to seeing your new posts x

  2. Thanks. Will start working on them soonish! For now, I just have a bunch of videos of my new makes that I need to sift through


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