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Hello Rain Coat

Oh my it feels like I worked on this for quite a while... I guess that's because I did, it took me almost 4 weeks to finish it - but then, I was away to Ireland for almost a full week, and then was so annoyed with it that I didn't pick it up for another 10 days.

This is Sewaholic's Robson Coat.  I had this crazy idea back in February that I should make a trench coat made of waterproof fabric, so went ahead and ordered the pattern. Then, I bought the fabric (waterproof silk) at MacCulloch & Wallis the same month, and also chose some super fine matching fusible interfacing. Then, I ordered blue buttons and blue seam binding. Then, I did nothing about any of this until late August, despite having the wettest summer since records began in Switzerland.

This allowed me time to understand that I will be making a rain coat rather than a trench coat because of the fabric - very flowy as it is silk twill. I was happy with that, and actually I wonder if this pattern works very we…

OWOP - results!

Well now. I didn't quite keep to my end of the bargain with my OWOP challenge - I did wear me-made blouses all week (only photographed during the workdays though), but didn't manage to complete the two extra blouses I wanted.

First, the pictures:

The order on this picture is a bit random, but I think:
Monday - refashioned Zara men's shirt
Tuesday - silvery Afternoon blouse
Wednesday - Belacarra blouse
Thursday - blue Afternoon blouse
Friday - refashioned silk dress. I don't think I ever did post this one but it was a silk dress that was too drapey for its own good, and now is a blouse.

I managed to cut the pattern for the Bellini blouse on Sunday. This only happened on Sunday because I spent all week nights crocheting (shawl close to being done), and spent the weekend finishing my rain coat. Here's a sneak peek, I'm planning to take proper pictures at the weekend:

I'm hoping to finish my Bellini tonight. I had one slight mishap with the collar (sewed down t…

OneWeekOnePattern - maybe, possibly?

I must admit I really enjoyed taking part in OWOP last time around - but as the date looms closer now, I realize I don't have enough repeat makes to sustain me through a whole week.

I have three skirts which I think are made from the same pattern, but we have lovely 25 degree weather this week and I'd much rather not wear wool yet - and two of three are wool. I have two Afternoon Blouses but I'd need at least one more to get through all of the next five days. Everything else is single edition.

So I'm doing something else instead. To honor OWOP, I'm going to tag along by wearing one-week-blouse-patterns (OWBP), where the me-makes will be tops. I will also endeavor to wear both my Afternoon Blouses (mini-OWOP), and also complete two new tops by the end of the week.

For the tops, I have decided to use this prized Liberty tana lawn that my London team gave me before I left (hi team!):

I am planning to make a Sewaholic Belacarra and a Capital Chic Bellini. I have 2 mete…

V1351: almost there

When I thinking about the party dress I posted about last weektwo weeks how-did-this-become-three-weeks-ago-when-I-wrote-the-post-already(!), I initially started from V1351. That's this DKNY pattern in case you have no idea what I'm talking about:

It's a bias cut dress with a cowl. I thought it was perfect for the party dress, but that I needed something other than muslin to try it out, as the drapey-ness requirements are different.

As an aside, I'm not really sure how draping drapey designs works with muslin. I bought this Draping book from amazon to learn, but now I'm blocked by the fact that muslin is 10-francs-a-metre-in-Zurich - this has to be the one item in Switzerland that I find really expensive. Luckily muslin is cheaper in Romania, so I have instructed people coming over by car to buy me a whole bolt.

Back on the subject at hand, I had this polyester Kaufman drapey mystery fabric in my stash for about two years, it was a birthday present from someone at…