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A very special party dress

I was calling this "The Dress" but then I realized that I called the party dress I made last year "The Dress" as well so that won't do. I haven't thought of a name yet, but I can tell you that this dress took a  loooong time to make.

Obligatory Auto Awesome:

Looking at these pictures I'm not quite sure I'm that happy with this dress (boo!).

Fabric is Liberty Silk Crepe (I didn't know this existed!!) from Truro fabrics - they don't have this exact fabric in stock anymore, but they have some other options - see here. The dress is my own pattern, and it took just under 3 meters of fabric.

The top is made from my sloper - the back is a normal one, I just made a V-neck out of it, the front I made one-shouldered and then added a gathered strap. The back can be lower, but I'm happy with how it turned out nonetheless.

This is full of couture techniques (and some non-couture ones too!). I underlined with silk organza - the delicious Italian one t…

Raincoat muslin and sewing plans

I bought this really nice chocolate waterproof silk back in February with the idea of turning it into a summer rain coat. I think it's a twill, here's a bad picture with some buttons on top. My phone camera doesn't really do it justice though (weird corners!):

A particularly wet summer later, I'm finally starting this project. I'm making Sewaholic's Robson coat, and I'm just finished with the muslin.

I cut a size 8 at the bust, and moved out to a size 6 for the rest. However, I needn't have bothered - I think an 8 overall, despite not matching my measurements, will be absolutely fine. I didn't cut the full length for the muslin, mostly because I didn't have enough muslin to cut it from. I think the coat as designed is a bit long, so I'll shorten it somewhat, but the length that I made for the muslin is a bit too short.

In fact, the fit seems spot on - very good in the front and back, including no swayback needed!

The only issue I can spot is…

A trio of dresses

I spent most of my recent sewing time finishing what I'm currently calling THE DRESS, however I wanted to post the full trio of dresses which I haven't blogged about yet.


Two grey and one colorful dress:
 -  The grey-with-circles is THE DRESS. It is so called because I spent something like 6 days making it, and it's my own design
 -  The colorful is one is an early prototype of the above, made from Vogue 1351. I was very meh about it but it might not be as bad
 - The boring grey dress has a special story - it's a simple sheath dress made using Colette's Truffle dress and my sloper. Also called the "I have no idea what I'm doing but whatever it is, it's wrong"

I'm mostly sharing these because I want to shame myself into taking proper pictures and doing proper blogposts. Maybe next time it's sunny in Zurich...

Disappointing blog article of the day...

I don't particularly like ranting in public, and try to keep these topics off the blog usually, but upon opening my feed reader today I was greeted by this title: "How to Read a Ruler". ?!?!?!?!

This seemed rather trivial so I had to open the article and see for myself the reference I was missing.... none it seems:

This post really seems to be about reading a ruler. Disclosure: I did not click through to the full article.

Really? How to read a ruler, with a quick measurement cheat sheet ? Really-really? This is mildly mind-boggling to tell the truth.