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Vogue 1247 - perfect little skirt!

I'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon with this one, but it is a pretty nifty pattern. I was in London last week and bought some teal silk chiffon just to make the blouse as well!

Black linen skirt with pockets and piping. I seem to like this type of blue quite a lot, I had loads of stuff on similar shades: piping is pre-made, pockets are from my remnant basket and bias tape from stash (my notions stash needs some work, it's running dangerously low on most stuff!)

Construction wise, I made a few changes. I underlined the back piece with silk organza, mostly to help with the wrinkling. It only partially works , but it's not too bad overall. :-)

I left out the waistband because Vogue designer patterns have this tendency to only fit me in the waist if I add a waistband (go figure!), but I can wear them at the high hip line if I don't add the waistband - I much prefer my skirts at the high hip line so this is what works for me.

I didn't line it... yet.  I had some si…


I hung around for a long time just doing normal fitting but after the latest round of fitting I figured I'd better give slopers a go.

I'm sure there are countless books covering this, but I used a Threads article instead. This is from Threads no 165/March 2013:

I actually have this magazine twice (although I'm not sure where the second copy is). Threads is a great magazine, but Taunton (the company that edits it)  hasn't impressed me with their subscription-handling. In their defense, this is the only one they sent me two of.

Since I'm still missing a sewing friend, I did all measurements myself - this means I probably have the right front measurements, but I'm a bit skeptical about the back, so we'll see... I'm also not convinced that the swayback had been taken care of, but that's what muslins are for.

I'm hoping to get sewing this muslin tomorrow evening as Mr T has different plans... If that works, I would like to make a Licorice dress (from…

Oh my! I can tuck this one in (aka The Finished Belacarra Blouse)

It is done! Well, it has been done since Saturday, but it took me forever to get pictures out of the camera. Without great ado, here's the finished product:

Pretty neat, no? Thank you Google Plus for that "auto-awesome" image.

The main fabric is a cotton/silk mix I picked up during Rachel's meetup in May last year. It's pretty nice to work with but I had a terrible time with thread tension. It's pretty-see through, meaning this top needs to be worn with proper undergarments. The contrast fabric has been in the scraps basket since 2010 - I bought it I think at Harts in Santa Cruz, and I used it to make a dress which I then proceeded to never ever wear. It some sort of cotton voile.

I am quite happy with the blouse - but that was really only a result of wearing it on Tuesday, because when I was done with it last weekend I never wanted to see it again.

In fact, it is a miracle I didn't throw it away during construction. I made every possible mistake on this …

Belacarra: a muslin

I wasn't going to make a muslin of this blouse but then I remembered the bib effect and did some measurements that helped me conclude that the pattern waist is not as far away from the top as my real waist.

All said and done. I cut a size 8 based on bust, and ended up doing extensive alterations.

As a side thought, I am considering cutting blouses based on my under bust measurement rather than bust but truth be told I'm not sure. Everyone says if upperbust is more than 1" different than bust cut according to upperbust and do a SBA/FBA but actually my under bust measurement is the widely different one. I might try that in the future and see how it goes.

Anyway, back to the muslin and the extensive alterations.

First, the front.

Here, I did two things:
* moved the front shoulder forward by half an inch at 3" from the seam, and then back to original position
* took half an inch on either side from the sleeves, tapering to nothing 7inches below
* made "the bib alter…


At least I fixed the curtains. Then I printed pages 22-26 of the Belacarra blouse pattern only to discover that I needed pages 2 - 26, which takes a lot longer to tape together.

Reading the first page carefully is always a plus!

I'm almost done with taping - just under half left, and I'll start on the blouse itself. I have a cotton/silk woven marked for this - white with blue piping. Should be interesting, non?

Belacarra Blouse. And curtains

I found the Belacarra Blouse an interesting idea - I wanted to try raglan sleeves, but wasn't too  sure about buying the pattern yet. I tried normal sleeves and kimono sleeves but a good raglan sleeve opportunity is not that easy to come by - still, I dwindled thinking I have enough stuff on my sewing plate so one more blouse won't make a difference.

Then, Tasia released the pdf version, and said she'll do more pdf patterns if it sells well. Well now, that's an interesting idea isn't it? It so happens I'm quite interested in the maxi skirt they brought out - more interested than in the blouse anyway but not quite enough to handle a paper pattern shipped from Canada yet. Still, the pdf Belacarra was in the back of my mind, and the fact that I really want the Gabriola as a PDF even more so.

 I'm not usually a keen participant in givaways - not sure why, but I just never warmed up to them, although I keep telling myself at some point I'll enter one of thos…