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A couple of pictures of Switzerland

I just thought I'd do a check-in of life in Switzerland. So far, so good. We're adapting - found a place to live, but not moving in until April 1st.

In the meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures from Zug, a quiet little town 30 minutes away from Zurich. As you see, the Swiss really love their fountains-in-the-middle-of-the-lake:

Sneak peek

I'm not done with this one yet, but Google+ made this movie of the pictures I took so I want to share it with you.

I'm still going to have to fix the other leg, but this is now fixing leg 1 of my trousers went:

Stuck with a crochet pattern

I'm making the free pattern that came with the crasftsy "Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace" class. It's a cute wristlet pattern that has broomstick lace insertions.

Here's the pattern on ravely, and here it is on the Stitch Diva website (that's where I got the photo above).

The only problem is that I'm stuck. Unfortunately, since the pattern is free, there's no where on craftsy to ask a question about it. I asked the question on ravelry but I'm not sure anyone will answer.

Here is where I am with this:

The instructions now say:

"Take a look at the glove at this point. You will see tiny imperfections at the beginning of each round. Orient the glove on your arm so that this side lays to the outer, palm side of your forearm when your arms are laid on the table.  Put clip-on mrks on the 2 fpdc at the base of the thumb"

Which I understand to mean that I need to mark two adjacent stitches, like so:

However the next instruction line says:

"Next 5 …

My "Zara" shirt

The Christmas before last I got my dad a very cute Zara shirt, although - shock! it didn't fit. Suits me right for buying a size smaller. One thing led to another and in the end I didn't end up taking it back. It did not fit Mr T and by the end of August, when I knew I would be moving, decided it was time to do something with it.

You might remember me posting something about it circa September. After posting these photos, it stayed unfinished for a while longer, until I finally decided to make it up right before the craziness started.

The first few modifications were simple enough. Darts were the first thing I looked at. I toyed with the idea of taking fabric off where it was needed but in the end settled for bust darts only.

It became clear very soon that the back would need to be taken up a bit, which is what this seam does. 

I then thought carefully about making a sway back adjustment, however in the end decided against it. I also removed quite a lot from the shoulder width…

Planning to fix my jeans...

I really love my jeans long so when I had to hem a particularly long pair I hemmed them a bit long too. They became my favorite pair as they're super flared... I'm planning to make a pattern of them soon, based on the Jean-ius Craftsy class.

Hemming them long means I step on them quite a lot, so the hem now looks quite terrible as you can see above. This is how I plan to fix them. Supplies bought at the Bernina store in Zug... I'll be doing the repair by hand - as, alas, everything is still in storage.

the promised picture

Here I am on the train home this time remembering the picture!!! As I battle zombification and a slight motion sickness from crocheting in a fast moving swiss train, the ends jump at me as if they will form into a flying crochet spaghetti monster. Here it is. It's not helped by the two projects I have waiting: the blouse and the craftsy broomstick lace wristlets

Besides the attack of the to-be-woven-in thread ends, I also can't help but notice this is turning out a lot like football socks. I might need to change gear to avoid a complete disaster.

some snapshots

First off, my scarf is quickly approaching what looks like it will be a completely unmanageable ends-weave-in process. I swear I tool a picture of this on my train ride home today but alas, Google decided not to back it up yet. I'll try again tomorrow with the photos.

Then, I managed to pick up my crochet book:

And decided my first project. Given I have no yarn stash, but seeing how I luckily picked up some yarn for mittens just last Saturday, I might get started on this earlier rather than later. In a miraculous twist of fate, I even have the right sized hooks:

Work in Progress

While waiting for the crochet book to arrive (finally did on Friday when I was working from home... Will pick up tomorrow!), and while picking up supplies for my totoro embroidery, I decided to revisit my scarf pattern and try it out again.

Since I only have one type of yarn (in two colors) I went for that:

I'm quite proud of the v-shapes on this parrten, here's a close up:

I haven't gone too far in this, and I'll be limited in how long this turns up by how much yarn I have, that is to say this quantity:

I was wondering - is anyone interested in testing out this pattern? I've got it written down but I'm not sure I have my math right, so would love it if someone else gave it a try. I'd like to eventually put the pattern up on the blog but don't want to publish something that is wrong.