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Learning to crochet.... One stitch at a time

I've been at this for a couple of weeks now, and I'm slowly getting there. I have decided to practice single and double crochet from the Craftsy class by making a blanket! I didn't have a pattern, just 5 balls of yarn I impulse-bought last time I was in Z├╝rich... 3 of them are purple and have 150m/50g ball, two are multicolored and have 190m/50g ball. I'm still coming to turns with what that means now. What I'm doing right now is purple-multicolor-purple-mc-purple, with the center purple in double crochet and the 4 outer ones(purple/mc x 2) in single crochet. I don't have a pattern, I just did a chain that looked long enough. Mr T is saying this with be too small even for a single blanket... And I think that by now (on second mc, 60% done) I agree. I'm going to get some more yarn (maybe a gray or something) to make an outer edge, but as it looks now it might be too short. We will see. I have no way to source the exact yarn I am using until Janua

And it has happened

The past 4 months have been a crazy roller coaster, but it finally happened - I changed teams. I'm not yet in Switzerland (mid Jan for that!) but I did have the leaving drinks with my old team. The best thing of all was the present they got me, some Liberty tana lawn: Thanks guys! You sure know me well :) The only question is - what to make with it? I have a few months to decide, the weather isn't quite ready for something that thin yet. I promised to post loads of pictures when it's done :)