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Showing posts from September, 2013

The big news!

Oh my it seems like it took me forever to bring myself to write this. The contract was signed more than a month ago after all! But none of it really seems real yet. :-)My big news is that I'm leaving London and moving to Switzerland! I'm not leaving Google but this is a completely new direction in what I'll do. I'll still be a software engineer though!Exciting stuff. I expect to be sans-sewing machine for a while depending how quickly we'll find a place to rent in Z├╝rich. :-) I was thinking to take up knitting in the meanwhile. Or crochet.

The giant bib alteration

Has anyone seen the need for such an alteration before?  Basically a dart the shape of a giant bib was taken out starting with the waist and tapering to nothing at the sides.My questions:
1. How to transfer this one to the pattern?
2. How to fix this dress?Pictures taken with the phone of course :-)I also notice in these pictures that there is a bit of a rudder at the back - I'll bet that's because I didn't true up the pattern after making the sway back adjustment. Live and learn...

A sneak-peek at my first refashioning project

I got this shirt for my dad but it didn't fit him. I'm slowly working at it in the evenings.I've got the armholes traced, and on one side a French seam and a 40s style tuck.