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Vogue 1357 Lace Skirt

I just want to start by saying how much I LOVE this skirt. Possibly because I can't find any of my other summer skirts :)

This is Vogue Patterns V1357, which is a skirt + blouse combo. I was convinced I only had 1m of the red lace, but now I think it must have been more like 1.5m. I didn't manage to squeeze the waist band out of the fabric so I had to improvise. I will do another post with construction details.

I didn't make any alterations - I suspect the lace for the skirt is a little less stiff than whatever they used, but I really like it like this. I thought that the line of topstitching was actually dipping at the top of the pleat but looking at these pictures it looks fine.

The lining is a burgundy habutai I picked up during John Lewis sales.

The pleat at the front is a lot more wavy than you would expect (that fabric stiffness!), and in general the skirt has a very girly air to it. I decided to leave it unhemmed, because I really like the see-through bits that you …

Sewing madness?

I just read the post in this picture over on Google+. I read all the way up to the third line before I realised the post was not about sewing but about actual sewers.Second language blip or sewing madness?
PS I'm currently holidaying in Romania, making the rounds and visiting ALL the family. Some fabric buying will happen soon, maybe tomorrow!PPS Also some exciting news that's not quite ready for broadcasting yet.

Craftsy Series: Janet Pray's Sewing Faster (1)

This first post in intended to give an overview of this class, so is quite wordy as a result.

As with most of the other classes I watched on Etsy, I took some things away from this one as well. Here, it was mostly around sewing without pins. It also gave me the idea for the sleeves I mentioned in the previous post:

I guess you could say it's two extremes, right?

The class is packed with skills and techniques, which I will go through in future installments of reviewing this class. The correct use of clappers is one of the things I would mention. It also covers sewing without pins, when pins are needed, as well as which seam allowances won't be possible to press open.

Her style is a bit bossy at times, and I prefer the style of the tutors in some of the other classes more, but I didn't have a major issue with it. I also wasn't really watching this to make the jacket (I have too many of those) so I skimmed over most of the "do this then press this" bits.

The cla…

So I had this idea...

... on inserting sleeves.

It went quite well, but it wasn't perfect so I won't post about it until I have a proper technique developed.

Here's a sneak peak:

Craftsy classes!

I decided to do a series of reviews of Craftsy classes. This isn't because I have no new stuff to show (quick count 5 unblogged things!), but because I just feel like it.

All classes I ever took were paid for myself so that should be fine. I actually liked most of them, although to various degrees.

The disclaimer I do have is that I no longer have access to any new classes. As much as I like their classes (and that bag class looks awesome!), I no longer have access to new ones out of personal choice.

Without further ado, the classes I do have access to are:
Lynda Maynard's Sew The Perfect Fit
Katrina Walker's Decorative Seams
Janet Pray's Sew Better, Sew Faster Susan Khalje's The Couture Dress
Vickie Howell's Crochet Lab
I watched the first four in their entirety, I kind of just gave up on the last one. I'm not really sure how I'll get around to doing all of this, but I guess something like, general overview and specific posts would be a good way to start.

Vogue 1250 top

I made this way-back-when sometime in March. It was an easy project while I was making the cape. It is not much but I figured I should post it anyway.

This is the second 1250 I ended up wearning and I actually wear it more than the black dress I made last year. The fabric is a fairly solid, non drapey knit I got from Sew Over It when I was doing fitting in February.
I find the cowl a bit exaggerated - it's not shown in this picture but I usually wear it with a brooch where I gather most of the cowl to one side and it becomes asymmetrical. I guess it never bothered me with the dress because that is a bit fancier overall.
All in all it's a quick easy make. If I manage to alter the pattern I think there will be more of these coming. Of course, I would just use the Day to Night top by Maria Denmark.

This is Vogue

This is Vogue 1357, which I got mostly for the top. Yesterday however, I managed to squeeze the skirt pattern pieces out of 1m red lace I bought at Goldhawk road. I didn't manage to fit in the waistband, and the center fold is I think not on the right grain, but overall I'm pretty pleased.

Given this is lace, I cut the waistband out of silk organza - I will add petersham ribbon to the inside and applique lace cutouts from the lace leftovers on the outside. This should make the "not enough fabric" not that visible.

I did everything, including the zipper and french seams down the left side of the skirt. Then, when I wanted to start sewing the right side, I realized I sewed the back of the skirt in backwards.

So today I spent my commute unpicking french seams:

At least it was sunny. The good news is that this gives me the opportunity of actually buying the right color zipper. My mom is flying in tomorrow for the weekend but I'm hoping to get back to the skirt on Su…