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Good Morning Sunshine!

I've been away. Enjoying the lovely weather. Hoping it never ends! Hence the slow-posting in the past 2 weeks or so.

I found at some point that I have too many knits. Too many T-shirts (as an aside, almost all say "Google" on them in some way or another) and altogether too much of a jeans-a T-shirt wardrobe.

So I'm fixing this. Slowly, but surely. I picked up vintage Simplicity 5513  during the Sew Grateful week this year:

The seller had a 32-bust, which is supposed to be 2 inches too small for me - I figured this would be a problem. Three weeks ago, while Mr T was on a business trip and having forced myself to have at least one night of sewing while home alone, I made a muslin. Turns out - the bust was absolutely fine! However, the hips, which according to the pattern match my measurements were waaaaay too small. I started altering the pattern: increase hip width on each side, lower the French dart a bit and make a swayback adjustment.

Then, the muslin and pattern a…

Uninterrupted sewing? Hah!

I just had what could have been 2 nights of sewing that I spent on my couch working. Why do I do these things!

I do have not one but two! projects prepared.

First, I have this very cute non-stretch red lace I picked up at Goldhawk Road. I also got some Habutai lining in a washed out Burgundy (is that even a colour?) and I'm planning to use the two to make a half circle skirt.

Second, I have some black silk chiffon which I've been thinking what to do with for a while and I have finally decided on a double-layered blouse.

I also have a picture of what will become know as THE DRESS. I'll do a separate post on  it though.

Sewing envy!

I'm mega envious about the Sew, mama, sew online sewing bee only being open to US contestants. I don't fancy being on TV enough to enter the UK TV version, but would enter an online one in a jiffy :-)

Mini-project: the phone case

First off: I found it, my precious:

I also want to show you this phone case I made for my Nexus 4. I actually ended up making one for a colleague as well, but mine is prettier !

It's a very simple design which allows me to:

easily slide phone in and outgrab phone easily

You see it here after about one week of wear. It's already showing my phone's shape.
The leather  I bought a year and a half ago when I went shopping to celebrate my first promotion:

You will recognize the lining from the dress post from a couple of days ago. For my version, I actually zigzagged the lining before attaching it, but that was not really necessary so for my second version I left it out.

The stitch is just one of my machine's "decorative stitches", it looks like a rectangle with one of the short edges missing. I chose the scallopy design for the top for easy grabbing facilities. It also doubles up as a good time teller, as I can press the side button to turn the screen on and there …

Laurel, version 2

I'm still in a predicament with my SD card reader (hopefully it might be in my green backpack which is at work!), but I got Mr T to take these two pics of me today - I have more on the card but alas! no way to get them out. Glorious day in London, probably the only one this year!

This is version two of the Laurel pattern. I haven't blogged about any of the versions yet (2 dresses, 2 tops so far), and they almost all turned out well.

I made this as a trial for another dress which I wore to my friends wedding. The fabric I bought during Rachel's fabulous meet up in April. It's supposed to be cotton, but I wonder if it has some linen in it given how much it creases with wear.

I put an invisible zip in, which I unfortunately shortened too much - it ends just slightly below my waist, and that makes it a bit hard to put on/take off. I finished the seams with very lightweight fusible interfacing - this seemed like a good idea at the time, but actually the interfacing started …