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Giveaway winner(s)!

Since there were only two giveaway entries (thank you Rachel and Maryall for the wishes!) I'll send something to both of you.

I'm sending:
* the clasps and a special surprise to Evie
* the polka dot buttons and a special surprise to Melanie

Evie - please send me an email at: auxetically [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com
Melanie - you have an email address listed so I'll contact you shortly.

Caveat: I'm only going to post these mid-June.

Quick Q&A: Laurel Dress #2

Question: How much fabric does the Laurel dress take?
Answer: I got the sleeveless version in 1m of 1.40m wide fabric(1.20 if using facings).
Sneak peek of my the first dress (phone pic ugh). I do wish I remembered how much of this fabric I bought at Rachel's meet up. I think it was 1.5 or 2 m.

I'll also need to check if the hem really is uneven (I didn't think it was....)

Quick Q&A: Laurel dress

Question: are the Laurel dress and blouse pattern the same?Answer: the two are identical in the top, but the dress gets wider starting with the waist. I tried to look up this information online but could not find it. I ended up printing all of the back section to verify and the bottom three rows of the front section. I then made the dress and promptly proceeded to removing the extra ease. I took it in 1cm on each side, starting at the waist.

Anniversary Giveaway

I was going to do a giveaway last May to mark my sew-niversary but they I forgot. But no such forgetfulness this year!

I have been wearing the cape in these past weeks and I decided I like the single leafy "Legolas" clasps. Since I have 3 clasps left, I'm giving them away.

This is how they look on my Legolas cape:

And here's a better picture courtesy of  MacCulloch & Wallis. I have the silver ones.

I'm also throwing in some shirt buttons, with polkadots. These are the same as the ones I used on my yellow shirt which I never ended up blogging about:

I have them in yellow, red and blue (with white polkadots!), and the winner will get to choose which color to receive. I also have some more black ones but not as many (since I used them on the shirt!)

This will run until next Wednesday, May 22nd at 12:00 London time, which coincidentally is the same day I started sewing two years ago. I know - I have the Sainsbury's delivery note in my email still!
To enter, l…

New Vogues - and other things

I usually browse through new vogues and nothing really catches my fancy, but this time I like two things!

They're quite lovely and I'm in half a mind to order them. But perhaps when I come back from holiday!

Me Made May

I haven't bothered taking pictures or sharing with anyone, but I have been keeping up with this - on average. First week, I wore me-mades 6 out of 7 days. Second week, 1 out of 7. This week has started well with me wearing both the cape and a new top!

New Makes

I now have 3 new makes that I haven't blogged about. Booh. Need to get into gear and get pictures taken!