The pursuit of couture

Back in autumn, a friend asked me to make a dress for her. While not exactly a wedding dress, it's a dress she intends when going out in the days after the wedding.  She had a very clear concept in mind.

So I started looking how how this is done. I guess one could achieve the same using:
- the Colette Macaron pattern for the upper bodice
- something like Simplicity 5006 for the skirt
- a normal pattern (any of the ones in Craftsy classes apply) for the sleeves

The I started thinking about fit. And then I started thinking about how to make everything look amazing. This is going to be a special occasion after all.

So I bought this book:


And I found it a great read. Just think of all the great things one can make. And how well they must look. And how fabulous they must make one feel.

Last year I had some success with shirts - I discovered that taking my time really paid off in terms of quality. Whereas before I was unhappy with the way my clothes looked, last year I graduated to being unhappy with the way my clothes fit.

At this time, I'm pursuing different avenues. I'm trying to figure out what couture sewing is all about. In truth, the Chanel jacket is not for me just yet, but there are so many amazing resources out there on the blogosphere.

I have to shamefully admit I only discovered Marina von Koenig's blog last week. And while I am quick to add any sewing blog to my sewing feed, this is the first one in a long time that I read from start to finish. Then I went and read the Burdastyle posts Marina wrote. Then I started planning on how I would learn the techniques.

This is my reflection item for this year: I am happy I am able to keep learning; I am happy I found such great resources to learn from; I am happy that this hobby, which I started on a whim like so many others, is still going strong two years later. I am happy the sewing community is so diverse, and there's always something new out there


  1. Fantastic post!! I'm so glad you found Marina's blog as well...she's a great resource and a really wonderful person!!

    1. She's amazing isn't she? I just couldn't stop reading!

  2. There is so much to learn isn't there! So glad you're enjoying the journey.

  3. Im so grateful to have met you and all the wonderful creatives in the blogsphere.

    Can you come to the meet up april 20? I would love to see you again

    1. I will certainly try but I think I'm due to be in Edinburgh around that time. I'll make it if I can!


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