The couture something. Plus fit

I never made a couture garment but I plan to start now :-)

The problem is deciding what to make.  I made several successful skirts, and a have a well fitted TnT pattern for them. If the target is couture this seems to me the best option, as at least this is a road I have walked successfully before.

However, my very great desire is to make a well fitting dress. This is difficult because I have a problem with fitting tops.

Getting to terms with upper body fit is my only sewing resolution for this year. The problem is the back and that I don't have eyes behind it. Or a spare set of hands.

My SO has been helping somewhat but he won't go as far as hands on help. I have to thank Lynda Maynard's Craftsy class for getting his help at all: the "lines must be parallel or perpendicular to the floor" mantra was simple to explain and pretty simple to get right. Perhaps an in person sewing/fitting class would work ?

To get back to the problem at hand, dear readers, I would like to have your vote. Shall my first couture garment be:

1: a skirt, which I know I've mostly got the fit right for and where I can concentrate exclusively on couture techniques


2: a dress, which will involve a lengthy process of fitting before starting to concentrate on said couture techniques.

I'll make a decision on Monday, let me know what your thoughts are.


  1. I like challenges so I would go for the dress! If you have a camera with a remote control it really helps as you can take pictures if yourself from the back. That's what I do since I don't have a sewing buddy and my husband is not good at helping me with fitting problems :)

    1. I thought of that, but how do you make actual alterations? You'd need to take everything off, adjust and then put it back?

    2. Yes! it's a neverending process of dressing and undressing! there's not other way I can do it :) my pins are my sewing buddy..


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