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Me-Made 2012 and where they are now

This post took a while to write, but I'm glad I'm doing it because there seem to be so many makes I never blogged about!

I think these are all my makes of 2012. Let me do a refresher on what happened to them.

Center piece - The HIPPIE SHIRT

La piece du resistance, hands down the most worn item of the year, blogged here.

This is just awesome awesome fabric. Fit not that great, but the fabric made all the difference and it's much better than the Thai silk shirt made from the same pattern. One buttonhole is too long which makes that button become unbuttoned often.

Still, pretty much the first thing I wear out of the washing machine.

And now, clockwise from top left:

The thai silk shirt

Not exactly blogged about, but mentioned several times (1, 2). I wear it rarely because it has fit issues. A killer look when I wear it with a cardigan though.

The British summer skirt

Blogged here, my modified Meringue pattern. Worn only a few times due to very bad summer weather this year. I suspect it barely fits by now, but I'm on a weight loss mission again so it might fit by summer.

The first shirt

Blogged here. I don't wear this one a lot, due to fabric quality mostly: it's difficult to iron.

The lace blouse

Unblogged, worn occasionally when going out as it would look weird at work. A modified Grainline Studios Scout Tee - I added a French dart to it. Unfortunately, it has loads of fabric pooling in the back, which I'll need to fix for my next make, which will be in the Thai silk used for the shirt above. I have many pictures of this in the camera so will blog it at some point.

The plaid skirt

I am not sure this is plaid, but that's what I have been calling it.

It's my modified Meringue pattern, fitting rather poorly at hips. I blogged about the hips issue here.

My second most-worn item of 2012, sadly yet-unblogged except for the pictures above. Maybe I'll do a blog post on it at some point.

The rocker skirt

Pictured above while wearing it at Windsor - blogged about several times in what turned out to be a love-hate saga, first time here. I was quite happy with this one when I made it but it tuned out to be utterly unwearable. It went to the bin.

The almost proper Sorbetto

Blogged here, not worn a lot due to fabric quality. I will probably put it in the clothes donation bins next summer. I had it on at the San Francisco meet-up.

The pijama party PJs

Worn once, blogged here. Not worth the hand washing.

The funky Sorbetto

I'm surprised I didn't blog this one, but at least it's pictured twice in the collage. My 3rd most worn item this year, and just for that I'll offer a better image here:

Fabric I bought over Easter in Romania, Sorbetto pattern. Fit issues around the top, hopefully I'll try to fix them if I make the pattern again.

The little black dress

Blogged here. I rarely get the opportunity to wear it, though I wore it to work once and felt very silly all day long. Less keen to put it on now with 4 extra kilos but hopefully this will change

The bell skirt

The skirt salvaged from my Pastille dress, blogged during OWOP 2012 and also here.

I ended up deciding it wasn't worth the effort, but I'd actually revisit that with my newly found knowledge of fit. I don't think I threw it away so I'll have a look for it when I get back home to London.

The wool Meringue

My first proper skirt, made out of wool houndstooth suiting, blogged here. Worn a few times, but it's unlined and a bit too long. I can't shorten it because it needs to be worn with a slip and the only one I have is too long. I also don't like wearing it with said slip because the skirt rises up when I'm at the computer and the slip shows. Maybe the solution is to make myself a slip?


All in all, not a great year: I made some things I wear often but most of the things I made are not worn. I need to do better in 2013.

One thing to take away though: the quality of the make is very important, and I wore the things I took care in making a lot more. Fabric quality is also a huge deal for me: I think more and more that good quality fabric is definitely worth investing in.


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