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Potholder Tutorial

I decided a few weeks ago I had complained about fabric scraps for long enough, so I got to work. First, I ordered some Insul-Bright from Amazon. Then, I practiced last weekend before the DnD game, and I made a mitten: This turned out somewhat OK (you will be able to tell this hasn't been pressed at all though), so I decided to go a step further and make a trivet. Here's a tutorial for how to make it! Items needed: 1 x 25cm x 25cm rectangle of insulated batting 2 x 25cm x 25cm fabric; I used scraps I had left over thread pins bias tape a 5cm tape Method: Step 1: Sandwich the batting between the two fabric pieces Step 2: Pin Step 3: Quilt. Now, a note about quilting: I found it extremely difficult to quilt. The problem was that even with an even feed foot the bottom fabric would gather. I had to unpick a lot to get to something that looked ok, and the way I ultimately did it was by pulling very tightly on each side of the sewing foot. In a

The British Summer Skirt

In my attempt to crack down on remnants, I decided to do something with the left overs from the Hippie Shirt. You see, the Hippie Shirt was supposed to be a shirt dress based on the M6035, but in the end I decided I like to have options when wearing this stuff so kept it in a shirt-only form. This gave me roughly 0.5, maybe 0.6m of fabric to play with - and what better way to use it than my modified Meringue pattern? As an aside, I had no idea that I could get the skirt done in so little fabric :) I didn't actually have enough fabric for the full length, so I decided to add a white band at the bottom. The waistband is also only have in fashion fabric (you're supposed to cut 2xfront, 2xback, but I did two by two in fashion & white fabric). I added three other bands besides this: one white one between waistband and skirt, and two between skirt and bottom white band. My modified pattern was a bit long last time, and this time I split it at the end of the flowery fa


I don't follow fashion too much. Luckily, I find that the interesting things tend to break through the sewing blog barrier and I get to read them anyway. Yesterday, I was looking at the BBC News picture of the day post when I came across an image from a Haute Couture show that reminded me of my World of Warcraft days, so I just had to put these two images together: What do you think, are they similar or am I imagining things? The Haute Couture show was by Giambattista Valli . The WoW image shows a night elf druid in Cenarion shoulder armour (circa 2005).

Future projects

One thing I do want to do in the near future is keep going with making things from the fabric I have. I don't really have a stash problem, but at the same time I like to make things with the fabric I bought. From the same fabric as the hippie shirt I have just enough to make most of a Meringue skirt (non scalloped of course!). I will use some white fabric as contrast for bits that don't quite fit in the fabric I do have left. I cut the flowery fabric today - no leftovers! I also put the white fabric in the washing pile, along with the left overs from the white silk I used for my pijama make, which I will use as lining for the skirt. Even if I do not really have a stash problem, I do find that fabric scraps that are left from projects keep adding up. In the flowery fabric case it was easy enough to fix, because I had enough to make a real garment, but this is not always the case. I bought some Insul-Bright  to have on hand in case I ever decide to make an oven glove or somet

The hippie shirt

OK it's not really hippie, as Mr T keeps insisting.:) But I like to call it that. It seems ages since I last posted, probably because it has been ages now. Almost 2 weeks I'd say. In the meanwhile I went to France, got a very short haircut, managed to work a whole Sunday and not sew anything. I made this shirt shortly after my last post. This is, once again, B6035. It's a very good pattern, although princess seams are still difficult to sew. The ease is great though! I mentioned in my last post that I don't like the peplum on the previous version of the shirt and that I will do something about it. Alas, no peplum appeared on this version, but I did make several alterations. Sleeves: I still used the puffy sleeves (too lazy to trace and cut the other versions), but rather than gather at the sleeve insertion point, I made a small inverted pleat. This works well and it is also easier to iron. I also used a 3/8 seam allowance on the sleeve band, rather than a 5/8