Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sewing with silk

This is a make was finished about two weeks ago, after which I blissfully procrastinated on the sewing front. It's a shirt (B6035, third one) made with the thai silk I got at Mood in New York.

I don't have pictures of the finished thing, because I've been... well, procrastinating. And it's rolling in the washing machine right now. Yes you read that right: silk in the washing machine. I did wash the fabric before I cut into it, so I don't expect anything to go wrong with this. And honestly I don't have the will to take anything to the dry cleaners.

I shall try to get some photos of the finished garment. I have enough fabric left over (I bought 3 yards originally) to make a dress. I was considering using the Truffle dress as inspiration,


  1. That fabric is a really gorgeous color, can't wait to see the finished make! And, I applaud you for washing your silk in the machine. I can't be bothered with dry cleaning or handwashing, either!

    1. It's great indeed. I did wash it and thought the colour was less nice after washing so I think I might try the dry cleaners next time if I remember to pick it up before it gets tossed into the washing machine.

      We'll see. I think this fabric might be very pretty after washing in the machine after a while as well.