The hippie shirt

OK it's not really hippie, as Mr T keeps insisting.:) But I like to call it that.

It seems ages since I last posted, probably because it has been ages now. Almost 2 weeks I'd say. In the meanwhile I went to France, got a very short haircut, managed to work a whole Sunday and not sew anything. I made this shirt shortly after my last post.

This is, once again, B6035. It's a very good pattern, although princess seams are still difficult to sew. The ease is great though!

I mentioned in my last post that I don't like the peplum on the previous version of the shirt and that I will do something about it. Alas, no peplum appeared on this version, but I did make several alterations.

Sleeves: I still used the puffy sleeves (too lazy to trace and cut the other versions), but rather than gather at the sleeve insertion point, I made a small inverted pleat. This works well and it is also easier to iron. I also used a 3/8 seam allowance on the sleeve band, rather than a 5/8: the previous version edges the realm of the uncomfortable, but this one is just right:

Side seams: I waited as much as I could with finishing the side seams (flat felled finish everywhere btw) because I though the other version could use a smaller seam allowance- I made it smaller by about 1/8 going from under bust to roughly under waist.

Problems: the only one I know of is that I sewed some of the buttons too much to the left, but luckily this is easy to fix! Also, on this version one of the buttons keeps coming undone: I'll have to think of a fix for that, but hopefully it's just a buttonhole that's a bit too large.

Fabric: I bought this in Romania over the Easter break, 1.5m of cotton. The great advantage of this fabric over the shirting cotton I used last time is that it's ironable!

And from the back. Perfect work outfit:


  1. what a cute print! And the sleeve details makes those cap sleeves so flattering!

    1. Thank you! It is great indeed :) The best thing is it's too busy to tell if matched properly, but looking at the seams you can tell when it was matched. A great find!



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