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I haven't worked on my shirt at all this week, but since I've been feeling pretty tired after the jet lag I decided to take tomorrow off. This decision was only enforced by the fact that I have 2 very stressful weeks ahead of my NY trip in June.So, I am prepared. I will trace, muslin, alter, cut and sew! All that before my Sunday DND game.

I have to get this fabric!

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while:

The fabric is amazing! I am going to go buy 1m just to make something silly out of it. Absolutely me.

Go to Sarah's blog to find out where you can get the fabric.

Grain considerations (and weaving 101)

The shirt I'm making (haven't moved a finger on it yet: need to copy pattern, make muslin, make shirt!) will be made in a stripe fabric. However, as I said in my previous post, it has princess seams.

I've spent my day worrying that I won't be able to match the seam lines correctly if both bits of the princess seam are cut on the lengthwise grain. Then, at some point, I had an idea: what if I cut the bigger piece (middle) on the lengthwise grain, and the smaller piece (side) on the crosswise grain? This would make an interesting "almost-chevron" pattern.

The problem here though is that I didn't really know the difference between these. I always used the lengthwise grain because patterns say so. I've mostly kept away from bias due to its... stretchy nature.

If you're like me here is a Grains 101:

I've now read up on the difference in several places on the internet. It bottles up to:

lengthwise: tough, non-stretchy; crosswise: semi-tough, some str…

Next project: the shirt

The bare truth is that software engineers wear jeans and t-shirts. We even have a going joke among the team saying that if you're wearing a shirt you're changing job ladders from software engineer to project manager.

In fact, I've been wearing jeans and t-shirts all my life (so much so that my mom made several very direct remarks once I turned 22 or so). The only reason I'm interested in wearing anything else now is because I started sewing and I can make all these pretty things! Alas, there's no denying I have trouble feeling at ease in things other than jeans and t-shirts. If you need further proof of this - they're my goto items of clothing for any travelling.

I've come to accept that change, if it comes, will come slowly. As a result, I hereby declare I'll start sewing things that I will actually wear more than once a year: blouses, shirts, jackets. Maybe at some point jeans. Some skirts.

Since I'm already at ease with shirts, I've decided t…

Sewing Meetup San Francisco

I have to be honest with you: I genuinely dislike travelling for work because there's little to do outside of work! I find airplanes the most boring thing in the world, an then I'm usually stuck somewhere for 7 to 10 days with little or nothing to do in the evenings and on the weekends. I know there are loads of people who just go out by themselves, but that's not really my thing.

Now, this particular trip has been different, mostly because I was travelling with a coworker - at least going out for dinner was an option! But to also have a sewing meetup! That's just PURE LUCK.

I decided to drop off my colleague at the airport on Wednesday and then head to SF, even though I would have around 3 hours of waiting to do. Now, waiting this time was ... short! I did some shopping but then I headed out to the wine bar full of anticipation.

Once we sat down, a flurry of everything from sewing to what it's like living in California to realizing that for once I'm not the on…

Yum! and other random San Francisco pictures

Gratuitous picture of a bakery in San Francisco while I prepare the sewing meetup pictures.

And here's a picture of me after talking for a while with Jason at the Clarins stand in the Macy's at Union Square. I went there looking for foundation before the sewing meetup, and I was quite happy I did. I do not usually wear make up.

I am wearing the Sorbetto I blogged about here. I actually should blog about another Sorbetto I made before I left for San Francisco, but didn't take with me to sunny California (although I should have!). Sometime this month :)

[Edit] And this lovely eye glasses shop I photographed somewhere in SF. I thought the idea was very good.

Back in London

Just landed and heading to the office. I'll post pictures from the sewing meetup in San Francisco tomorrow after I get some sleep. The flight was quite rocky. I'll also share a bunch of goodies I got from Britex. And something about a giveaway.Watch this space!

How to make silk bias binding

I promised this tutorial a while ago, but was too busy with work to get to it. This tutorial will focus on how to iron and fold the binding, rather than how to cut it. I have three links to good tutorials about how to do the correct cutting.

Here goes: a tutorial for properly making bias binding. Apologies for picture quality, I was using my phone.

Tools needed:
* silk square for the bias, sewing machine and scissors to make the continuous bias strip that will be ironed into place
* a 2-inch (5cm) wide piece of cardboard
* some sort of vaporiser, filled with water
* bias tape maker - for these pictures, I used a Clover which makes 1/2" binding (starts with 1" strips), but if I were to do this again, I'd use the one which makes a 1" binding (out of 2" strips)

* left-side: bias strip not yet passed through the bias maker
* right-side: bias strip which has been folded by the bias maker


1. Cut bias strips out of your silk square. I like this tutorial…

California & a sewing anniversary

Just a quick note to say I might be sporadically checking in here as I'm in sunny California for a 10-day work trip, which will mostly involve... work.

However, dear readers, I have not forgotten you, and I do have a huge announcement to make: May is my sewing anniversary month!

I ordered my sewing machine on the 21st of May 2011 and it arrived a couple of days later! In honor of this sewing month I plan to do loads of things with the blog, including, but not only:

giveawaystutorialsmaybe a sew-along? 
Tune in later this week for this month's plan!