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Pijama party

Well, I am done. Thanks to Karen, I now have a pair of silk PJs. I really wanted to take part in this sew along, but already own way too many PJs which are rarely worn. So I figured I could do something different this time.

In all, I used roughly 1.5m of silk satin, 1m of a print and 0.5 of a white. Since it's fairly short, I won't model it in person, I do hope you understand ;)  This will officially be the first thing I own that I will have to hand wash: I would not bother, as my other silk things do fine in the washing machine but I didn't wash the fabric in the washing machine before I started, so I MUST hand wash from now on.

Here's the whole outfit:

The bottoms are a pattern I found online (I forget where). The top is the all-recognizable Colette Sorbetto. I made the pleat smaller and did not sew it down. The idea for this came from this modcloth top which is remarkably similar to this pattern!  The pleat is roughly 1/3 of the original pleat. I had enough fabric t…

The Alphasew Plaid Matcher

My 9.95 walking foot has arrived. Here's a link if you're interested.

It arrived quite quickly, I only ordered it on Saturday and I got it today! It is a brand called Alphasew and comes with full instructions. I can't wait to go home and try it - it should work, as it is for low-shank machines and the Singer 1507 is low-shank according to the internets.

Here are some photos:

The last two photos are instructions about how to attach and use the walking foot:

PJ Update

This will be a no-garment-pictures post, as the 28th is not here yet. The PJ bottoms are done! I have slaved over them for 7 hours yesterday! I posted this picture on my Google+ stream at 16:15, saying "Today I'm sewing with silk. This is not as easy as it sounds":

I finished cleaning up at 23:00! When I also realized all I had eaten yesterday was an omelette!

I started by making continuous bias tape using this Colette tutorial. This took one hour, and I ended up not using it at all. Well, I hemmed with it and then decided I didn't like it (it looked awful!) so I cut it off and did a narrow hem finish instead. That doesn't look great either, I'm sad to say. It is, however, the only thing in this whole thing I'm unhappy about, and with the narrow hem it doesn't show very much.

This is the second time I used self-made bias tape and I'm fairly unhappy with the results. It just isn't the same as store-bought stuff. I'll give it another try for…

Pijama update

Yesterday evening, I finished putting together my pattern and then started cutting. I think I managed to cut the silk properly, although obviously it's very wavy. However, these are pijamas - I think I'll manage even if the measurements are a little off.

I slipped out for lunch today to get some white silk for the top, as I discovered 1m is not enough for shorts and top, although it would be enough for two tops or a top and a skirt... While scouring the John Lewis stuff, I found out this particular type of silk is, in fact, silk satin. I also took my time to touch other pure silks so now I know what to expect from habotai and dupioni as well. I am a bit upset that I forgot to look carefully at the chiffon, but there's always next time!

I was also looking for some fabric stabilizer but I couldn't find any. While looking for the stabilizer, I briefly considered getting a even feed foot for my machine (seeing how I'll be sewing a lot of silk soon), but at 30 pounds I …

Holiday ... over, pijama sewing to ensue

Apologies for the lack of posts around here lately. I was enjoying the Easter break over in Romania. But now that I'm back in London, I'm ready for some sewing! I have sorely missed my sewing machine as all my fabric purchases happened at the beginning of the holiday!

I'm happy to announce that I'll be taking part in Karen's Pijama Sew Along. I actually added the button last week, but did not manage to get a post in.

I plan to make a cool, summer pijama, out of a silk fabric I bought in Bucharest. It was 95RON/m - that's just under 18 pounds according to The Google.

The print is a weird part-flower part-wave thing, and it's mostly red. I actually wanted a white-cherry-blossom type fabric, but I couldn't find it in silk so this was the next best thing. I did find a nice electric blue one, but it was the end of the bolt and the lady at the shop didn't want to cut 1m off the 2.10m she had left. Romanian fabric shops are so different from here!

The fab…

ModCloth favourite construction

I took a closer look at this modcloth dress I mentioned in the previous post:

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Contrary to my previous post, I now believe it is made of two parts, rather than one:

Skirt: a simple drindl rectangle. To me, it looks like something less than 2x waist, maybe a 1.7? I'd try it in 1.7 when making this the first time.
Top: a simple shape, similar to the Sorbetto pattern without the front pleat.
Embellishment: I suspect this was actually embroidered directly on the fabric. I bought some trimming instead (see below).

How I would do it:
1. Modify Sorbetto pattern: remove pleat and make it shorter (I'd say it should hit 3cm below waist). Cut fabric as per pattern
2. Cut rectangle for the skirt, width 1.7 x waist x some decent length, proceed to shirr 9-10 lines/
3. Attach top to skirt

My problem: I had real trouble sewing necklines with knits in the past. I have no real ideas for this one, except perhaps twill tape? Actually, that should work, …

A Mod Cloth favourite

I browse modcloth fairly often, and recently came across this:

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I love it! And it would be perfect for summer.

It looks like simple jersey, shirred at the waist. I'll go looking for some trims today, but something like the Sorbetto top, extended at the waist into a large-ish A-line skirt would work I think. Luckily, I already have fabric for this in my stash :)

Fabric spree, part two

This picture actually includes part one too.

The blue stuff: lace and natural silk (1m each) for a dress. I bought a McCall pattern for it (6505), but I will modify it as I want it sleeveless and with the neckline closer to a non-pleated Sorbetto.

The circles: this is Turkish cotton, 2.40m wide. I got 2m to make a dress, possibly the Licorice dress.

The blue floral: normal cotton, 1.5m for another dress.

The dark one: cotton shirting, 1m off the end of the bolt. I got McCall's 6035 for it - it should be enough.

Fabric spree holiday. Part one

I went fabric shopping at this amazing store. With ridiculous prices - but I did see things I have never seen before, like silk knits. They were close to 50£/m so I didn't touch the bolt, but they were niiice! I was almost considering taking the bolt out when I realized I can't possibly pay so much (although Vogue 1250 only needs 1.3m... hum mm)

I bought this cotton instead, 0.7m. I figure it will be enough for a spring Sorbetto-type top. I'm going to my grandma's tomorrow so some sewing might ensue :) But I do dread her looking at my latest darts!

An almost proper Sorbetto

I finally made a wearable Sorbetto. I took great care with it but still managed to sew the darts incorrectly. Booh. One of them starts higher and descends on an interesting slope.
It's made out of green linen with white bias binding. I figured out that if I'm going shopping during lunch Brixton's Simply Fabrics is easier to get to than Oxford Street's John Lewis or M&W. Although the notion supply is not as good. On the other hand, knits are better (and cheaper).