OWOP Day 3

I'm finally up to date with OWOP. This is day 3. I wore my bell skirt - I just discovered I forgot to blog about it when it was finished! Silly me. This is it - I didn't manage to properly avoid stretching in the middle while sewing, but it's not __very__ wide, and it will be fun as soon as I add a hook & eye to it after writing this.

I wore this with a white shirt, black leggings and boots. It actually felt quite comfortable - more comfortable than it should have honestly: the skirt looked iffy when I put it on, but actually it looks pretty decent. I'm fairly happy with it anyway, although truth be told, it's not my best work.

In other news, I was at work all day, as proven by these phone camera pictures. I managed to get away for a bit to have lunch, but otherwise things are getting quite hectic with the end of quarter and Easter holiday coming up next week. Yes, we really do have a real boat in the relaxation area :)