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OWOP Day 6 and the skirt that's going straight to the bin

I'm very annoyed with the Rocker skirt. It's my fault though - I was the one who didn't line it and I made it so short.

Yesterday was a nightmare of constantly pulling at the skirt. I was so upset that not only did I not take a picture, but I did not even bring myself to writing this post yesterday.

Other than that, I managed to go through my fabrics and just keep the ones that I have enough of to make something, or scraps that can be used in a nice way. Everything else went into a box, and will probably end up in the bin. Which leaves me with this:

I don't have that much fabric. I have 3 bits of lightweight knit, leftovers from my first Rooibos (enough to make a top of some sort), my second Rooibos (enough to make a coat), and the real skirt (enough to make a dress). I also have some green linen (enough for a Sorbetto-like top) and some white cheesecloth-like material (but not actually cheesecloth) that I plan to use to make a traditional Romanian blouse called "…

OWOP Day 5 - The Moiré Pattern

I was going to call this post something else, but the photos Mr T took today show off the moiré pattern very well, this photo in particular:

See how the skirt looks CGI'ed? Technically, this pattern originates "frommoire(ormoiréin its French form), a type oftextile, traditionally ofsilkbut now also ofcottonorsynthetic fiber, with a rippled or 'watered' appearance." This is quite silly, right? Random light effect created by my skirt/camera has a name originating from a type of textile. 

In any case, this is me, at the pub, while the sun is setting. I'm wearing the real skirt and a white blouse with natural-colour tights and black pumps.

In other news, my colleagues have started asking if I'm leaving software engineering and moving on to some nicely dressed department. I guess wearing skirts for three days straight is strange in the world of jeans and t-shirts. 

[Edit]. Strange, these pictures look differently in Picnik. Here's the example of the moiré effe…

OWOP Day 4 - Déjà vu

The reason these pictures look as the ones from yesterday is that I overslept this morning, so I didn't spend my usual time picking clothes, I just jumped into the first available thing. This just happened to be the Bell skirt, which was lying around after I stitched a hook & eye on it yesterday.

Let's see if I can vary my outfits a bit more towards the end of the week. I'd still like to lengthen the Rocker skirt, maybe today? It also feels too summer-y outside to keep wearing dark colours - maybe I should move on to lighter outfits.

OWOP Day 3

I'm finally up to date with OWOP. This is day 3. I wore my bell skirt - I just discovered I forgot to blog about it when it was finished! Silly me. This is it - I didn't manage to properly avoid stretching in the middle while sewing, but it's not __very__ wide, and it will be fun as soon as I add a hook & eye to it after writing this.

I wore this with a white shirt, black leggings and boots. It actually felt quite comfortable - more comfortable than it should have honestly: the skirt looked iffy when I put it on, but actually it looks pretty decent. I'm fairly happy with it anyway, although truth be told, it's not my best work.

In other news, I was at work all day, as proven by these phone camera pictures. I managed to get away for a bit to have lunch, but otherwise things are getting quite hectic with the end of quarter and Easter holiday coming up next week. Yes, we really do have a real boat in the relaxation area :)

OWOP Day 2

This is a REALLY short skirt. So much so that I plan to alter it before the week is out.

On Sunday, after dropping our friends at the airport, Mr T and I decided to go on a trip to  Windsor. So did the rest of the world. We spent 45 minutes looking for a parking spot. Next time we go, it will either be raining, or we'll go by train!

Still, it was a lovely day, and I got to see roughly half of the photography exhibition I was there for.  That is OK, as our entry tickets are good until the end of June. Hot tip: if you want to visit Windsor, and you buy the tickets from their ticket office, you can get them stamped when you leave to get 1 year free access.

I wore my rocker skirt/Oktoberfest combo, with grey Mary Janes. It was a good outfit but oh my, that skirt is short. I keep pulling at it all the time because besides being short, it is also unlined. I still have a bit of leftover corduroy so I think I'll make it slightly longer before this week is out. I might even attach some…

OWOP Day 1

I'm late to the party, aren't I? However, I have been participating in OWOP, I just haven't been posting - instead taking advantage of the great London weather.

Day one of One Week One Pattern saw me wearing my new wool skirt on a sightseeing trip around London with friends. We saw the Tower, had a lovely meal and then finished the evening with a show. Since we were going to the show, I wanted to be dressed appropriately for it, so I paired the skirt with a sleeveless blouse whose colour palette matches the skirt and I threw over a fitted jacket.

I have to say the weather was absolutely superb!

I've made a proper skirt!

Because I took my time and I measured and I pressed and I did everything right - it looks great! Or at least I think it looks great, which is all that's needed really.  I don't have very good pictures though. Sorry.

This is another interpretation of the Meringue from the Colette Sewing Book. Still no scallops I'm afraid - I lengthened the skirt by 8 math squares - about 4 cm? The resulting skirt is a wee bit longer than I prefer wearing nowadays, hitting at knee length. Next time I'll take 3 squares off so it will hit right above the knee.

The skirt has a waistband and is quite a bit longer than the pattern. I recopied the pattern, and slashed at the top to make the waistband.

As for waist positioning, it's right on my waist. It has quite a bit of ease there so I'll be able to - you know - eat, but it's not wide enough for me to position it any lower, which is good!

The fabric is wool. I think it is anyway. I picked it up in Romania over Christmas break, a…

OWOP and what I'm sewing now

I can't believe my last post was 10 days ago! I didn't mean for this to happen, but so much has happened since then! I got some very good news from work which have kept me occupied for days - they only take effect at the end of June, but it's still something that is very good for my career and I'm looking forward to.

I haven't been idle on the sewing front either: I finished the skirt refashioned from the Pastille dress. It's rather bell-shaped, and it is a "bit" large in the waist, but frankly that's nothing I can fix. I might make a belt for it (I was thinking of either following Tilly's tutorial here or going out and buying a belt kit). It does feel comfortable, however, so I'm happy with it for now. I haven't got any good pictures to share unfortunately. I've taken a couple yesterday, but they're not great.

I've also decided to participate in Tilly's One Week One Pattern project, with self-made skirts. The only patt…

In which I do not complain about the weather

There's no reason to really complain about the weather. Truth be told, I moved to London expecting the weather to make me miserable - strangely, it hasn't. London weather is just fine, it doesn't even rain a lot. In fact, in the past 12 months I don't think I've carried my umbrella more than 5 times.

That being said, I haven't progressed much on the Bell skirt, as I was playing DnD at a pub yesterday evening (and was too tired to do any sewing if I hadn't done that anyway). However, I did do something that will allow me to start working on the two skirts I have planned: I went out and bought thread...

3 rolls of 250m black thread, 2 rolls of 100m olive-ish thread and 1 roll of this brown that will go fairly well (I hope!) with this ribbon I bought to embellish the modcloth-copy skirt:

Since I will be house bound this weekend (for work-related reasons), I will have all Saturday and half of Sunday (DnD again!) to make these two skirts. I'm secretly hoping…

pick, pick, unpick

Mr T and I play DnD with a group of people I work with. Last night, we were happily trying out new specs between the two of us when the DM snatched him away and kept talking to him for an hour and a half (result is we're meeting at a pub to do a side quest tonight!)

This, of course, meant that I had that time to spare - so I spent about an hour unpicking my Pastille. Unpicking the skirt from the bodice was the most difficult thing, but then I decided to also unpick the lining. The reasoning for this was that the skirt itself was somewhat small in the waist, and the lining does not allow the corduroy to stretch naturally. Luckily I can get away with this because the skirt itself is long enough to be worn with a slip.

So now I've got a skirt that stretches, that needs some modifications:
1. I need to add a waist facing to it - I initially wanted to do a waist band, but that will have the same non-stretch problem as the lining.
2. Add an invisible zipper. Lapped would also work, …

A seam ripper

is a girl's best friend. I am loooking forward to this skirt!

Also, bonus pictures, spring in London:

Making that look

I want loads and loads of dresses - and I remind myself of this fact every morning when I get dressed. Despite that, my next two sewing projects are actually going to be skirts:

1) The first one, and this should be fairly easy to do, is to take apart the Pastille I made and make a Pastille-inspired skirt. I was considering wearing the dress one morning this week, but I realized that I won't be wearing it ever again because it has snapped at one of the arms in a way which cannot be fixed. It should be fairly straightforward to turn it into a skirt: I basically need to add a zipper and a waist band, and possibly some embellishment to the bottom pleats.

2) The second project is inspired by this modcloth skirt, which I saw and went "awwwww":

While I do not own any gingham fabric, I do have some olive houndstooth that I picked up in Romania over the Christmas break. It should be fairly easy to do - I need 3x my waist measurement, a zipper and a waist band. I can even do a tut…

Rocker skirt in the spring

Still wearing boots :) And my Android phone knows how to rotate a photo by 180 degrees. The blogger app, however, does not know how to rotate by 90 degrees.