The Rocker Skirt

There was a point - probably around hemming, day 2 - when I really thought I wouldn't finish this skirt. I'm glad I did - it is completely me!

I've worn it out once, to work on Thursday (as pictured above). I really do think it needs a lining. It just has a waist facing right now and I think I'll attach the lining to the facing, if I ever get to it. Although truth be told, it does need to get done - the skirt is far too short for me to wear comfortably otherwise, so if I don't do it, I'll only be able to wear it when it's warm enough to skip the tights. By which time, of course, it will also be too warm for corduroy.

This skirt is really pushing my comfort level on shortness. I think the last time I wore something this short was when I was a teenager! However, it's much longer than those "fashionable" blazers that are worn over tights nowadays and barely cover one's derriere - so I figure I'm still pretty decent wearing it.

The hem took two days in the end. I had to turn the zig zagged bit in, and then attach the lace on top - attaching the lace directly looked fairly messy and unfinished. Turning in was the difficult part, as the corduroy had stretched quite a bit during the zig zag process and I did my best to get rid of the wave effect that resulted. I would have done it in 1 day, but by the time I was 3/4s into turning, my hand was aching quite badly, so I stopped. The lace went much easier the next day.

In all, I hand stitched around the hem 3 times - once for turning in, and twice for the lace. Here's a closeup of what the lace looks like - the need to hand stitch it twice is somewhat obvious after one stitches the bottom part: a gap forms in the "peak" area of the lace between the skirt and the lace, so it needs to be tacked down.

As I had predicted, I'm slightly annoyed I didn't add front pockets. They were missed on Thursday when I was obsessing about the skirt rolling up because it has no lining!

I would totally make this again - I'm so glad I copied the pattern onto freezer paper :) Next time it will not take me 2 weeks to get it done.