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Vogue 8635

I finally started sewing the second vogue blouse this fall. I basically made the front panels - I did a minor screw up with the front panel which will not be showing, but the one which will be showing actually came out pretty well - I'm fairly happy so far.

However, when it was time to move on to the back piece I couldn't go any longer - sewing fatigue I think.  I'm getting better at recognizing sewing fatigue now - but I still miss signs from time to time. I'll post pics of the completed front panels tonight.

Anyway, I've started thinking about what to make for Christmas stuff. I have a tiny plan in my head, let's see how it works out.

The apron

I finally finished the apron. I picked up 1 yard of this fabric this summer in California - it was in the remains basket in one of the fabric shops.. The selvage says "Suburbia Screen Print D#10917".

I thought it would be perfect for an apron:

In our house cooking is split. Mr T does savoury things and I make sweets. So we needed either two aprons or one apron that fits both of us. I went for the second option without realizing this fabric is in fact really pink...

To cut the fabric, I eyeballed a curve between the top and the middle section. I don't know what made me do this. A straight line would have been a better choice. But what's done is done :) I used a blue fabric for pockets and I also used it for _quite_ugly_ makeshift bias tape. It's not real bias tape and it didn't end up looking great but it works for an apron.

To make it fit both of us I used buttons on top. I put the first pair on top where you would expect and the second…

Cheese Pie

As I said before, I'm not really sure what to call this in English. Pie suggests something savoury to me, not sweet. At the same time, it's not cheese cake. Maybe someone can suggest what to call this one :)

I'm sorry I don't have more pictures. As you can see it has already been half eaten.


Pastry ingredients :
3 egg yolks
1 tea cup filled with natural greek yoghurt
100g butter
1 teaspoon (~5g) baking powder
500g flour (1)
(optional) breadcrumbs (2)

Filling ingredients:
You can make this with either cheese or apple. Cheese is easier, but apple is somewhat tastier.

For cheese filling:
2x500g boxes of Fromage Frais (3)
2 eggs
4-5 sugar spoons (4)
flavouring - vanilla, lemon zest, orange zest etc (5)
4-5 spoons flour (6)

For apple filling:
1-2 kg apples (7)
4-5 sugar spoons (4)

Tray: this is measured for those trays that come with the oven and slide in the oven rails. For anything smaller, you need to adapt the recipe.

To prepare the tray, I take a small cube o…

I haven't disappeared off the place of the planet

I've had a bit of fall asthenia this week and could barely get up in the morning to go to work. This was correlated with too much food and basically crashing in front of the TV in the evenings. My cut pieces of Vogue pattern (8-thousand-something?) are still lying on the floor next to the sofa.

I did make a "traditional" Romanian cheese pie yesterday. I put traditional in brackets because it's not really Romanian (my Polish teammate knew exactly what I was describing) but alas, there is no English word I know to describe this. Will post the recipe as well, but no photos. I was too busy baking :)

The intrinsic problem with baking, though, is that you get flour all over yourself. And as I was noticing this out loud yesterday evening, Mr T complained about it too (he makes pizza in the weekends) and expressed a desire to see my long awaited apron finally made. So that's what I did yesterday. I made an apron. It's not finished yet, as it still needs the strap aro…

Bleak, bleak day

I should finish my new blouse but instead I'm vegetating in front of the TV. I'm also planning to go to the pub later, as my local pub has a beer festival this weekend:

And I've got another plan for this weekend: I'd like to cut up my sleeved bodies (?) to make them sleeveless. I have a bunch of them and I really dislike putting them on but with the cold weather coming I'll have to start wearing them again so I'd better fix them...

Sewing update

I started on the other blouse this fall, Vogue 8635. I cut the pattern in a size 12, like the 8558 and I also cut the back piece yesterday. Then I thought I'd better make a muslin to see how the collar fits because I have this vague feeling it might have the same problem as 8558.

The muslin remains to be made. I'm making this in a blue cotton which is quite heavy. I also looked through my stash of fabric yesterday and it is rather tiny. I actually have only 2 fabrics which have more than 1 continuous metre of fabric. But that's fine - I'll be in New York next month so I'll raid stores there.

Vogue 8558 - DONE!

Not only done, but I'm wearing it to work today. I even took pictures (fairly grainy pictures):

You'll ask why the blouse is actually in a different fabric from the one which I was using in my previous blog posts:

The answer is because jersey is horrible, horrible and that finished blouse looked really ugly. I cut the pattern again from stretch poplin (8% spandex, 92% cotton).

Once I decided the stripy jersey was a no go, it took me very little to actually sew this other one up. Maybe 3-4 hours in total - including cutting? I didn't finish the raw edges yet and I also didn't end up attaching the sleeves I did cut from the fabric. I will finish the edges tonight. As for the sleeves - who knows? I'm still fairly undecided.

Overall, it turned out quite well. The blouse itself is less fitted than the version I made back in May or June. However, it does feel right and I can easily get it on - although that might be the result of the stretchiness of the fabric.

It does lo…

Collar followup

I ripped seams. And ripped seams. And ripped more seams. And then a few more seams.

Since this is the third time I actually attempt this pattern and ___every___ time this has been an issue I went over to pattern review to see what other people think.

It seems it is agreed that the Vogue instructions are difficult to follow. Luckily though, one of the reviews linked to a tutorial that basically said "stitch collar first, attach to blouse later" which I'll try tomorrow. Right before the barbecue I have planned.

In the end, here is a video of Googlers gathering outside the Google London HQ for a Street View drive by to mark 10 years of Google UK. I'm the one holding the big palm tree on the right-ish side of the area (final 20 seconds or so). Friday was fun!

Huh, collars!

Never ever do difficult things with jersey after a long day at work.  This is how I messed up the collar on my V8558. I am going to go up on the roof and get out the seam ripper since I really want to have this shirt.

Although, lesson learned: jersey sewing needs to wait a bit longer for me I think.