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Finished Rooibos

I actually finished this on Tuesday and wore it to work on Wednesday. I;m not a great fan of putting pictures of self on the internet but I can tell you it is a perfect fit. The top part looks as fit as the ones in the official Rooibos photos ( or Gertie's version ( I have taken some photos though:

I actually plan on doing this again in black. But I'll cut the bottom part in size 0 too, there is more skirt than in the two linked above. Also, although not sure on this, maybe add 1cm in the underarm area.

Rooibos top and pockets

I wanted to get the dress finished yesterday but was unable to. I think I was too tired, because I started off by sewing one front side to the other front side instead of the back side and then completely messed up my pockets.

In any case, this is how the top front looks like (you can tell the right collar thing looks a bit off):

And this is the top back:

I also worked on the pockets, but I messed up the "top" part (the one which uses the "E" part of the skirt). As for the "bottom" part of the pocket, I did one well. Here are pictures from the back and from the front:

However, the second one I completely messed up - I had to unpick the seam twice and these pictures are taken with lingerie tape to stabilize the two parts to figure out what's wrong. This is the skirt wrong side, which looks fine:

But on the other side, I've got a bit of extra lining:

I don't understand why since:
1) The other pocket is fine and the pieces are identical
2) If I t…

The 5 slot bag

I've decided to call the finished version of the clutch "the 5slot bag". I added a bow since it seemed too simple:

Colette Rooibos

When I was in the US in July, I picked up the Colette Rooibos pattern. It's marked as intermediate, but the worst thing that can happen is for it to go wrong, right?

I did the top part yesterday, complete with piping, and I'm hoping to finish it today or tomorrow. I know the colette blog is holding a sew along in August but I am not that patient! So I'll try to finish this week. I puckered a bit one of the acute angles on the neckline but it's not very visible. I'll try to get some pictures in today.

I'm making it in a red cotton with tiny tiny flowers on it and black&red dots on white background as the contrast, both of which were picked up while in the states.

Clutch finished

I've been baaad and didn't post. I finished several garments (poorly) but this is what I want to share today:

The tutorial is from here:

The blue fabric is poplin bought at the Cloth House in London (, the lining is leftover Japanese cotton and was bought in the US at Harts Fabric (