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A really awesome fabric

I actually meant to post this yesterday :)

I've been checking out a lot of UK websites that sell fabric. Most of them, unfortunately, sell it by the fat quarter - 1/4 of a meter that is - which makes most pretty things fairly expensive, especially for an absolute beginner like me: I tend to mess up a lot. No point buying anything but cheap fabrics for now, since most patterns need at least 1m of fabric.

But this isn't what I'm writing about now. I wanted to mention this fabric by Nancy Mims, called Blossom Stripe in Sunflower. I think it's beautiful - and it would work great as a neck band for my Vogue 8558 (also possibly for my Vogue 8635). M is for Make seems to be the only UK retailer that has it. Still, at more than 10 pounds a metre it's a bit steep for my skills. I might try to find it in the US since I'm travelling there next month anyway.

Image courtesy of Google Image search.

The best soft drink out there...

Is made by a firm called Fentimans.

They have two drinks that I like a lot:
* Burdock and Dandelion: this is a brilliant dark-colored drink with a very original taste. I get it at work and our local pub also sells it (best pub in South East London 2011!). Sainsbury's doesn't carry it, but Ocado does (and in 750ml bottles! weheeee).

* Rose Lemonade: all I can say is this is amazing! I actually have only seen this at Ocado - the pub doesn't have it at all. It's great though :) I only ordered it because it sounded interesting, I didn't really know what to expect.

They have other stuff as well: normal lemonade (tried and it's good) and ginger beer (Mr T tried and he said it's good). They also make some other stuff like cola, a drink of seville oranges etc but I didn't try those. Maybe the oranges one at some point. I'm not a great fan of cola :)

Horribly busy period

I've been quite bad at writing stuff in the past three weeks. Mostly because I got really tired and with the end of the quarter drawing near, as well as two projects to contribute to at work, pretty swamped by work.

I'm still not out of the woods, and I'm due to start travelling for almost a month next week, but I'll do my best not to disappear off into darkness.

In the meanwhile, I have:
* dropped about 1 pound a week, except last week when I managed to gain 200grams
* kept up with sewing (quite difficult but I did manage to finish the sleeveless Vogue 8558 in test fabric)
* kept up with some cooking (got two things ready to describe soon)
* drastically reduced any drinking (kept it down to a tiny minimum)
* been completely enthusiastic about Ocado (color coded bags!, delivery at 10pm!)